Hi, I am HAnna Züllig, a CREAtive CODer, Teacher and Founder.

If you're interested in workshops or discussions about creative coding or search for a creative coder in your team, feel free to get in touch. I'd love to hear your thoughts, explore new ideas, and create something together.

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With a background in art education (ZHDK), I see creative coding as a way to blend art with technology. My teaching style is all about empowerment, collaboration, and creating a space where art and tech meet in a beautiful way. I teach at universities like HSLU, SFGZ, and ZHDK, making sure learning is inclusive and encouraging an experimental, interdisciplinary, and artistic approach to code and technologies. My master's thesis (summa cum laude) in Didactics of Media and Computer Science (PHSZ, PHLU, HSLU, UZH) was all about creative coding and its blend of art, philosophy, and tech.

Before all this, I was the founder and brains behind internauta, a digital studio where until 2020 I merged my artistic sensibilities with my 20 years of hands-on coding, web project management, and design experience. As part of the artist group mit, I engaged in stage actions, happenings, and performances that delved into the intersection of the art system and society. I was a co-founder of ProjektRaum Hohlstrasse an innovative, cross-disciplinary art initiative that transcended traditional boundaries, showcasing how art initiatives can catalyze broader societal discussions and initiatives.

Hanna Zuellig

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Credits for Patricio Gonzalez for his introduction to Shaders and Clara Sambot for her font DINDong.